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3. Micah Rodler: Memento Mori with Micah or When life goes off script, a timely perspective for all of us.

March 28, 2020

A bridge conversation to pre Covid-19 fears.  A prescient perspective into the common thread of human existence, mortality.  Micah Rodler is an inspiration to his family, friends and community. His love of life is infectious even in the face of his ALS diagnosis.  


You can get in touch with Micah Rodler and support his cause in bringing awareness and support to ALS and research at any of the links below.

Micah Rodler on Facebook

Micah Rodler on Instagram

Rodler Family GoFund Me page

Micah Rodler Raises Spirits, Battles ALS

Micah Rodler on Linkedin

ALS Association, Golden West Chapter


15:30 Tremendous support and counseling from The ALS Association, Golden West Chapter

17:30 The importance of community during tough times

19:45 The Rodler Family Rollathon on West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz CA

22:30 Wraparound model of care from the Golden West Chapter helps get assistive technology to families

24:30 On the persp[ective regarding former "problems" post-diagnosis

26:30 "Remember thou art mortal" The concept of Memento Mori

28:30 Meditation to mitigate exposure to stressors

29:30 The support and brotherhood of The Paradise Park Masonic Lodge

31:45 The importance of connection

32:00 Tribalism v Inclusivity

34:00 Tribalism and blind acceptance to a set of beliefs

37:00 The diagnosis lead limiting of bandwidth has limited the superfluous

38:15 Self-awareness of one's own bias

43:00 the power of "yet" it's not cured...yet.



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